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It is BVM tradition to provide food for kids at the end of every class. Food is provided by the temple every alternate weeks and is catered by volunteers during other weeks. Each week, BVM volunteers sign up to bring 2 food items for the class.

Please sign-up for the weeks that is most convenient for you by clicking the Sign-up icons in the table below.

Quantity, Quality, and Allergy Information:

- Please ensure that each item will be sufficient to feed 64 kids.
- Please avoid chillies and maintain a minimum spice level.
- Please AVOID ALL NUTS (peanuts, almonds, cashewnuts etc.,).
- Please bring only vegetarian food.
- Please ensure that the food will be in a ready to serve state.

F . O. O . D .            S . I . G . N .      U . P
Date Item 1 Item 1 Volunteer Name Item 2 Item 2 Volunteer Name